Thursday, October 7, 2010


so we're going on one last tour before half of us flee the country for a while and the rest move out of the dumb city we've been living in for too long.
we'll have 75 more "tour edition" copies of the LP since we're still waiting on proper jackets and labels.
here's the dates, assuming we don't die from our van's carbon monoxide leak first!

F 10/8 - buffalo
Sa 10/9 - grand rapids, michigan
Su 10/10 - bloomington, indiana
M 10/11 - Milwaukee
Tu 10/12 - Chicago
W 10/13 - St Louis
Th10/14- off! city museum!
F 10/15 Kansas City
Sa10/16 Austin
Su10/17 off
M 10/18 New Orleans
Tu 10/19 Chattanooga
W 10/20 Raleigh
Th 10/21 DC
F 10/22 NYC
Sa 10/23 Boston

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